Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2016

Comic Con Germany

Thanks everyone for visiting my concert and booth at the Comic Con Germany!
It was such an honour to be a guest at such an awesome event!
For me, it was the first time at a Comic Convention and I am just so overwhelmed how many people visited my booth and conert!
Thanks everyone for your support and for giving me such an wonderful time!
Thank you!!

Montag, 23. Mai 2016

New merchandise!

Of course I will not come to the upcoming concerts barehanded but bring some merchandise for my booths or signing sessions!

I made some new posters and postcards!
Due to some polls at my facebookpage I decided to make some Din A 4 prints. I hope you like them. :)
if you have any wishes reagrding to some new print products please dont hesitate to contact me. :)

I also got some new signing cards which you can get for free as usual. *o*
Hope to see you at my concerts and signing sessions! <3

Ill update the prints to my shop:
After the World Cosplay Summit.

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

Concert at ChisaiiCon, Animecon and Comic Con Germany

I am very happy to announce that Ill have 3 concerts before heading to the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya!
I am recently very busy with my preperations for the WCS but still giving my best to practice and prepeare my concerts as usual. :)

I would be happy if you would visit my following concerts:

~* ChisaiiCon *~
4th June, Hamburg (Germany)
Saturday -> 15:30 hr > Main Stage

~* Animecon *~
11th June, Den Haag (Netherlands)
Saturday -> 14:30 hr > Small Stage

~* Comic Con Germany*~
26th June, Stuttgart (Germany)
Sunday -> 14:15 hr > Cosplay Stage

Hope to see you there. :)

Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Thank you for 10 years Shiroku !!!

Thank you guys for supporting me for 10 years!
I gave my first official concert at the “Chisaii goes Con” in march 2006.
I still can remember how nervous and happy I was to sing in front of so many people the first time in my life....
At this time I not even dreamed about singing regularly at conventions in front of more than 3.000 people or to be invited to sing in Finland or Lithuania.
 I never dared to think about producing CDs or working professionally as a singer.
And now in 2016 I can look back and say, that I am happy to have so many friends and people who are supporting me. I am happy that I was allowed to produce with my label “Anime Records” more than 4 long players and can give concerts on stages and even countries like Finland or Lithuania, I would never have dreamed of.
Thank you guys for making this possible, supporting me, hearing my music and coming to my concerts. It makes me happy to know that so many people are supporting me and sharing the things I love and life for.
Thank you! Thank you so much!

Donnerstag, 3. März 2016

Interview Cosplay World Cosplay Summit 2016 -> Progress

I already announced our Interview Cosplays for the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya this summer.

The decision:
Some of you know that I already cosplayed this version of Asuka before. I am a big fan of Neon Genisis Evangelion and my favorite character is of course Pen Pen. I also cosplayed Rei in her maid version so we decided to go for this Anime quite quickly.

We wanted to Cosplay something we love, something easy in order to gain time for the other Cosplays and something traditional for the courtesy visits. I also have been to Japan in summer before and can tell you that Japanese summer is hilarious hot and humid. Although it was very hot I felt comfortable while wearing a Yukata. So we went for the Matsuri version and decided not to fake the obi but to wear this Kimono as traditional as possible.

Because my friend actually is a typical German girl we thought it would be a great idea that she would cosplay the German Asuka.

The progress:
Actually I already finished this Cosplay in November 2015. I started it directly after choosing our Cosplays for Nagoya. I guess it was a week after the preliminary.

I kept it as a secret until now because we wanted to announce the Cosplays with a quiz on several social media platforms.
As mentioned above it was very easy to sew this Cosplay. It actually took me 2 days to finish the sewing part and 4 more days for the crafting part. Mostly I just waited for the next layer to dry.

The Kimono:
The Kimono pattern is quite easy. It actually consists of stripes which you just put together.

I have a lot of Kimonos and Yukatas at home. So I just took one out of my board and used it as a pattern. I modified the sleeves because they are not typical in shape and length.

I just cut everything out and put it together. Nothing really difficult so far.

The sleeves:

One of the most interesting parts -> sleeves.
I needed to line them 2 times. Why 2 times?
As you can see, the inside of the sleeves are red, but if you just line the sleeve in red you can see the reddish color through the white sleeves. So I put a middle layer in white between.

We also discussed the way of attaching the black stripes to the sleeves.
We talked about painting, gluing, applying and embroidery.
In the end we used flock foil. It was the best way to attach the stripes neatly. And the structure looks really nice. 

The Obi:

Because we wanted to wear the Kimono in the traditional way we sewed a normal Obi.
As you can see in the original picture, the Obi is folded in the front and shows a brown color. That’s why we used black fabric for one side and on the other side brown.
The Obi is about 18 cm wide and 3,60 m long.

We still need to practice to put the costume on faster than 20 minutes. (XD Yes, it takes time.)
I already bought a lot of different straps in Japan for my Furisode and got some for my partner Chiko-chan last year. So we are hopefully prepared. :)

The props:

The next interesting parts are the accessories for the wig.
I not only crafted the small prop but also the fox mask. I found a better one in Japan, so I changed the mask after finishing the self made one.

For me it was the first time working with Styrofoam.
At first I drew a pattern and cut it out with a cutter.
Afterwards I grinded the Styrofoam into shape and used a white acryl grounder.
I waited until the coat dried and grinded again. Than again I painted it with acryl grounder, waited and grinded. I did this about 17 times, to get a smooth surface.

The paintings are simply made with a permanent marker. Afterwards I finished the props with a clear coat.
I spent a lot time waiting for the layers to dry.

Grinding took not that much time, because the pieces are quite small.The pieces are attached with some press buttons at the wig.

The shooting:
We decided to make a shooting with this Cosplays in order to try out how comfortable they really are and if we need to make some changes. We are also planning to wear them at a summer event to experience if we can handle the heat.
It was quite difficult to find a Japanese room in Germany but we were successful. Thanks VW for taking these awesome pictures!

I hope you like our choice and costumes!
We are really looking forward to wear them in Japan!

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

Maid Cafes

Japan is not only famous for beautiful shrines and traditional culture but also for a very modern and unique pop-culture.
While being in Japan I always recommend visiting theme cafes/ restaurants. I guess the most famous ones are cat cafes and Butler or Maid cafes.
I visited different cafes until now and want to report this time about my experiences at a maid cafe.

What is a maid cafe?
A maid cafe is a restaurant where young waitresses are serving food while wearing a European style maid uniform. The original idea was to create a space likely to a rich household in Europe with maids and butlers who are taking care of their "master". In Japan flats are very small and the daily routine can be very stressful. Maid cafes are supposed to be a space where people can relax and escape the daily routine.
You can find different types in Japan. At some cafes the waitresses are just serving the ordered items politely like at the Cure Café in Akihabara, while other waitresses are also entertaining their guests with games or live music shows.

You are not allowed to touch the maids and to take pictures of her. You can buy a picture afterwards, which is normally taken by another maid. Also calling her if you don’t want to order something is mostly prohibited.
Generally you are paying a certain fee (about 0-1.500 yen) for a certain time frame. Mostly it will be about an hour. At some maid cafes you are also obligated to order a certain amount of drinks or dishes.
Dishes and drinks are a bit more expensive than the average Japanese restaurant although the prices can differ a lot between the cafes.
Sometimes you also can buy merchandise or order stuff like a picture with your favorite maid or a live concert.

Which maid café would you recommend?
I always like to visit the Maidreamin maid café. Maidreamin is a Maid café chain and has stores through the whole Japan.
It is very easy to find the cafes because you can check out the locations at their homepage or just look for a maid in their uniform standing around at the street in Den Den Town (Osaka) or Akihabara (Tokyo).

Maidreamin is the only Maid café I could find where pictures, except of the maids, are allowed. Mostly you are not allowed to take pictures at all.
They also provide English menus and have sometimes English speaking staff (although we always needed Japanese, because the English was very basic).

Maidreamin is a maid café where maids are behaving like a "kawaii" (cute) maid. The maid uses magic spells to make your food tastier, talks with you, play games and sometimes sings for you at the stage (I visited 2 times and experienced 2 concerts).
I also like, that every Maidreamin café has another setting. My favorite so far was the Mario Café where you have Mario boxes hanging above you head.

The dishes are tasty and always arranged cutely. You are paying an admission fee about 500 yen (1.000 yen if you want a special seat, so be careful!) for an hour and are obligated to buy a drink and a dish.
Dishes and drinks are starting with 500 yen.
Set menus are starting with about 1.500 yen and are mostly including a picture with a maid, a drink and food.

I have never been at the @home café before but I know it is very famous along foreigners.
They also provide English menus and have cafes especially for foreigners.
They own several stores in Akihabara, located at the Don Quiote with different settings and also have a traditional setting for where the maids are wearing Kimono orientated uniforms.

The follow the same "Kawaii" concept like the Maidreamin café but pictures are prohibited. So you can’t even take pictures of your food or your friends while enjoying the maid café expect paying a certain fee for taking a picture with a maid. The admission fee for an hour is about 600 yen and they have a strict ranking of their maids. You can see at the ribbon they wear which ranking they have.
Food and drinks are starting with 500 yen.

The reason why I never visited this café before was, that you need to line up. Waiting can take until 3 hours. I tried to visit this café 4 times and always needed to wait between 2-3 hours.
So be prepared to wait or visit the café at 10 in the middle of the week to prevent lining up for hours.

Cure Maid Cafe

Café cure is the first Maid café in Akihabara located in a side street in the 6th floor. Everything started with this maid café.
This café is very different compared to the other two maid cafes mentioned before.
The waitresses are wearing traditional Victorian style maid dresses and the setting is based on a typical European café.

The waitresses are extremely polite and very well mannered (it was very embarrassing how they talked to me…).
The food is very good, priced average and if you are looking for a place to enjoy and relax in the busy and bursting city Tokyo, this is the right place!

You don’t have an admission fee but you are expected to leave the café after an hour.
The coffee is very good and the drinks are starting with about 300 yen.
Pictures are not allowed, even if you want to pay for it.

My opinion:
I really like visiting theme cafes and it is always a great experience to visit a maidcafe.
It is a unique but still important part of Japanese cultur.
Sometimes it is very difficult to go without any Japanese knowledge. So I would recommend to take at least a Japanese speaking friend.
If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Interview Cosplay for the World Cosplay Summit 2016

We finally announced our first Cosplays for the World Cosplay Summit 2016 in Nagoya!

Our interview Cosplays are
~> Chiko-chan as Asuka Langley Soryu
~> Shiroku as Rei Ayanami

We already finished both our interview Cosplays and are working diligently at our final Cosplays. :)
I hope you like our choice. :)

Follow our way to Nagoya 
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~> Twitter